Why do more and more people choose portable power stations?

Wait! Before answering this question, we have to figure out what a portable power station is.
I know that everyone knows the power bank, that’s right, a portable power station is an enlarged version of the power bank, the same is that use rechargeable batteries to power some electronic equipment; the difference is that portable power stations have more capacity, higher output power, and more conversion outlets. So they can power anything from cell phones to home appliances. Lighter models can be used for camping, and larger models can be used as backup power during a power outage.
So let's take VTOMAN Jump 1000 as an example.

Outdoor Portable Power Jump 1000 solar-powered generator is perfect for camping, outdoor working, and road trip. It can power up to 12 devices at once with its various ports: DC output, AC output, USB output, and TYPE-C output. Extraordinary power for your phone, tablets, on-the-car devices, projectors, mini-refrigerator, camera, small cookers, etc.

VTOMAN power station power supply duration calculation

Reliable Home Battery Backup

1408Wh capacity Jump 1000 power station can keep your home appliances working during power outages and emergencies. The battery bank for the home equips with maximum 1000W AC output that can power an electric blanket, fan, projector, TV, blender, and more. A must-have energy storage unit at home.


Large & Expandable Capacity

The amazing feature is that Jump 1000 can daisy chain with additional batteries. Jump 1000 is expandable from 1408Wh to 2956Wh, perfect for bringing power on your camping trip.

connect a extra battery

3 Easy Ways To Recharge

Green Solar Charging: Recharged by MAX 100W solar panels, as long as there is sunlight, the outdoor power station can provide users with as much electric energy.
Car charging: Charge the power station via your dash socket while on the go.
AC Wall outlet charging: Plug it in the AC wall outlet for recharging while preparing at home for an outdoor adventure or an incoming power outage.

multiple charging ways

10 Safety Protections Ensure Your Safety

Safe & Durable LiFePO4 Battery with advanced BMS provides you with a long-term battery life guarantee. Also, built-in 10 protections, such as over-discharge, overload, over-current, short-circuit, and over-temperature, allow users to use safely and stably.
Above are the reasons. With a portable power station, you can easily avoid running out of electricity and internet, especially when you are at work or in emergencies.

10 Safety Protections Ensure Your Safety

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