How to choose a portable power station?

Each winter, bitter temperatures, howling winds, and copious snowfall claim lives and cause power outages for millions of households. This has sparked alarming attention to situations on what to do and how to handle power outages. During such emergencies, portable power stations come as lifesavers! Thoughtfully engineered, powerful, and versatile power stations like the VTOMAN Power Station checks the boxes of all requirements for these urgent situations besides being environmentally friendly and a great companion for outdoor travel such as camping.

Things to look for in a portable power station

1. High battery capacity (> 640Wh): A 640Wh battery offers the equivalent of running a 600W device for one hour. Put another way, that’s like running a 60 W device—such as a MacBook Pro, projector, or tabletop fan—for ten hours.

2. Impressive output power rating (> 600W): Higher output power is required for charging multiple high-powered devices at once, but if you want to charge a few devices at a time (especially if one is a high-powered device like a laptop), you need 100W or more.

3. Practical weight (< 40lbs): Most portable power stations are too big and heavy for the average person to carry for long distances on foot. But VTOMAN Power Station is under 40 lbs, you can carry around.  

4. Rugged and portable: Durable materials and features such as handles are important for outdoor use and resistance to wear and tear.

5. Informative display: A high-precision display with additional information beyond the battery meter is preferred.

6. AC Outlet: A high number of AC outlets is ideal for powering various gadgets that run on AC power.

7. Multiple fast-charging USB-A ports: USB-A ports that support 3A (15W) charging or higher, with Quick Charge technology, are preferred to charge small devices quickly without utilizing AC outlets.

8. Charges from an AC wall outlet: Portable power stations should be chargeable via an AC wall outlet, and solar attachments are a nice bonus.

9. Good warranty and customer support: Reliable warranty and helpful customer support are crucial for a device that is not used on a daily basis and may be needed during emergencies.

Why Choose the VTOMAN 1800?

Extremely Powerful with Compact Size: With three AC outlets, the VTOMAN Jump 1800 provides up to 1800W pure sine wave power offering a sufficient and stable power supply for camping, hunting, or emergencies. It can power most of the essential home appliances and devices rated under 1800W. It has a clear peace-of-mind aspect to it.

Versatile Compatibility in Charging: It has 12 ports which are way more than you need. The VTOMAN 1800 supports multiple devices and multiple scenarios at the same time. From car refrigerators, desk Lamps, fans, smart speakers, mobile phones, and laptops – it has served me amazingly during cameoing and trips.

Clean Energy: As an environmentally conscious person, green energy is important for me, It can be charged with several solar panels, making it a complete solar generator with one of the highest conversion rates (23%) in the industry, to produce clean, and sustainable energy directly from the sun.

If you are looking to purchasing a portable power station, it may be worth your while to consider it