10 Best Places for Full Time RV Living All Year Round

Embracing a nomadic lifestyle no longer means sacrificing comfort or convenience. The United States offers myriad destinations perfect for full-time RV living, blending the serenity of nature with the amenities of modern living. This guide explores ten of the best places in the U.S. where rolling homes can park year-round, offering residents a unique combination of scenic beauty, community features, and essential services.

1. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is particularly suitable for full-time RV living due to its geographical and climatic advantages. The city's dry, warm climate eliminates the challenges posed by snow and severe cold, which can complicate RV maintenance and comfort in other regions. Additionally, Phoenix's extensive urban infrastructure supports a convenient lifestyle with access to major supermarkets, specialized healthcare services, and a variety of cultural and recreational activities. The presence of several high-quality RV parks, such as Desert Shadows RV Resort, which boasts not just basic amenities but also luxuries like heated pools, spa facilities, and community events, enhances the appeal. This integration of natural comfort and urban convenience positions Phoenix as a top choice for year-round RV living .

Driving an RV in Phoenix, Arizona

2. Williams, Arizona

The charm of Williams extends beyond its scenic landscapes to its community-centric approach. Little Heaven Ranch offers a unique proposition where residents can live amidst expansive natural beauty while contributing to social causes. The ranch's commitment to donating all proceeds to youth educational programs provides residents with a sense of community and purpose, enriching the RV living experience. Additionally, the area's proximity to attractions like the Grand Canyon enhances its appeal, offering easy access to one of the country's most iconic natural landmarks. The combination of spacious RV sites, community involvement, and access to world-class natural beauty makes Williams an attractive location for those looking to integrate living and giving back in a meaningful way.

Williams, Arizona is one of the best places to visit in an RV

3. New Bern, North Carolina

Positioned near the vibrant coastal area of North Carolina, Moonlight Lake RV Park offers more than just the standard RV facilities. The park features full hookups, ensuring all basic RV needs are met seamlessly. Beyond mere amenities, it boasts an indoor swimming pool and spa, catering to those looking for relaxation and wellness without leaving the campground. The recreational opportunities extend further into the surrounding area where visitors can engage in kayaking and paddleboarding on the Neuse River, thanks to nearby outfitters. This blend of comfort, wellness, and recreation makes it a prime spot for those seeking a full-time RV lifestyle in a picturesque and activity-rich setting .

New Bern, North Carolina is one of the best places to visit in an RV

4. Big Pine Key, Florida

Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina is a standout destination for full-time RV living, especially for those drawn to the tropical climate of the Florida Keys. Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina not only offers essential amenities such as full hookups but also features a variety of sports facilities including tennis and basketball courts. Its location allows residents to engage in abundant water activities, from snorkeling and kayaking to fishing. The resort's proximity to both Key West and Marathon means easy access to additional attractions like the Turtle Hospital and various cultural events. For those interested in aquatic life and marine adventures, the on-site boat rental service enhances the experience, making it an ideal location for both leisure and adventure in a year-round warm climate

Big Pine Key, Florida is one of the best places to visit in an RV

5. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is an ideal location for full-time RV living due to its robust outdoor appeal and climatic versatility, which supports a range of outdoor activities throughout the year. The Colorado Springs KOA Holiday is strategically located to maximize these benefits, nestled near famed natural attractions like Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods. These sites offer breathtaking landscapes and a multitude of hiking, biking, and photography opportunities, appealing to nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. The campground itself is equipped with amenities that ensure comfort regardless of the season, including heated pools and a hot tub with mountain views, making it a comfortable home base regardless of the time of year .

Colorado Springs, Colorado is one of the best places to visit in an RV

6. Lobo, Texas

Lobo offers a distinctly serene RV living experience, characterized by its remote and scenic desert landscape near the Davis Mountains. This location is perfect for those who appreciate isolation and the beauty of rugged nature. Desert Gardens Oasis takes full advantage of its location by offering spacious sites that provide privacy and tranquility, which are highly valued by long-term RV residents. The area is rich in opportunities for hiking, stargazing, and exploring local history and geology, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a peaceful retreat into nature. The campground's minimalistic setup encourages a simpler lifestyle, closely connected to the natural environment, which can be particularly appealing for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life .

Lobo, Texas is one of the best places to visit in an RV

7. Wyoming

Wyoming's appeal for full-time RV living extends beyond its tax benefits, which include no personal property tax and no state income tax. These financial advantages make it more affordable for long-term residents on wheels. The state's sparse population ensures a quieter, more secluded environment, which is perfect for those looking to escape the crowded and noisy city life. Additionally, Wyoming is home to some of the most majestic national parks in the US, including Yellowstone and Grand Teton, offering unparalleled access to natural wonders and outdoor activities such as hiking, wildlife watching, and photography. This combination of financial benefits and natural beauty makes Wyoming a top destination for those seeking a peaceful and scenic full-time RV lifestyle.

Wyoming is one of the best places to visit in an RV

8. South Carolina

Known for its stunning fall foliage, South Carolina offers a picturesque setting for RV living, especially appealing during the autumn months when the landscape transforms into vibrant colors. The state's RV parks are typically less crowded, providing a more relaxed and quiet environment compared to more densely populated tourist hotspots. This tranquility is suited for full-time RV residents who prefer a more laid-back lifestyle without sacrificing access to amenities. South Carolina's coastal areas also offer mild winters and enjoyable weather year-round, making it a practical choice for those who want to avoid the harsh winters found in other parts of the country. With its combination of beauty, moderate climate, and quieter living conditions, South Carolina presents an attractive option for those looking to settle into a full-time RV life.

South Carolina is one of the best places to visit in an RV

9. Oregon

Oregon is celebrated for its ecological diversity, making it an excellent choice for full-time RV living for those who appreciate varied natural environments. The state boasts a wide range of landscapes, from dense forests and lush valleys to rugged coastlines and scenic waterfalls. This diversity not only provides stunning visuals but also offers a plethora of outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, fishing, and wildlife observation, which can greatly enhance the daily living experience. Oregon's commitment to environmental preservation means that these natural settings are well-maintained, providing a clean and healthy environment for residents. The presence of numerous state parks and campgrounds equipped for RVs, complete with necessary amenities, ensures that residents have both the beauty of nature and the comforts of home at their disposal.

Oregon is one of the best places to visit in an RV

10. Nevada

Nevada is another prime location for RV living, particularly attractive due to its tax advantages such as having no state income tax. This financial benefit can significantly ease the cost of living for full-time RV residents. Beyond the fiscal perks, Nevada offers a vast array of scenic desert landscapes, including areas like the Valley of Fire, Lake Tahoe, and parts of the Mojave Desert. These locations are ideal for those who enjoy exploring stark, beautiful terrains and taking part in outdoor adventures such as hiking, rock climbing, and stargazing. Nevada's RV parks often provide full services and are strategically located to allow easy access to both natural wonders and urban amenities in cities like Las Vegas, providing a balance of solitude and entertainment.

Nevada is one of the best places to visit in an RV


Choosing the right place for full-time RV living involves considering various factors, including climate, facilities, and local attractions. This article has provided a tour through ten of the best locations across the United States that cater to the needs and desires of RV residents, ensuring that their mobile life is as rich and fulfilling as any traditional home setting. Whether it's the desert vistas of Nevada or the oceanic breezes of Florida, each site offers a unique blend of natural beauty and practical living, making them perfect for those looking to turn their RV into a full-time residence.

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